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Serviced Apartments And Their Numerous Benefits

Services apartments have become very popular and sought-after over the past decade, and that is totally understandable given the fact that serviced apartments can help people save a lot of time, money and hassles. There are entire hotels that consist of serviced apartments of the highest quality, and one of the most notable aspects related to these hotels is that their apartments are fully fitted and equipped, which means that the guests can basically live there as if they are living in their own home. Kitchens have all the necessary kitchen appliances that allow guests to cook for themselves, the livingrooms and the bathrooms are also fully equipped, and the guest can basically check in and check out whenever he or she pleases.

Flexible, cost-effective, convenient and very comfortable, serviced apartment hotels are particularly beneficial for guests who plan to stay several weeks, months or even years in the same place, although those who come on holiday or business trips can also rent a serviced apartment of their choice for their brief stay. Having said that, serviced apartments can be summed up in only a few words: they are specifically designed for people who are often on-the-go and who travel far away from home, yet who still want to enjoy the same degree of comfort and luxury that they used to enjoy back home.

From many points of view, it is safe to say that a serviced apartment hotel encompasses elements taken from the flexibility and affordability of apartment living, with the convenience of renting a hotel room. Designed to exceed your expectations in terms of service quality, serviced apartments feature state of the art finishes, high definition televisions, generously sized beds, servicing and integrated bathrooms and kitchens, as well as broadband connections of the highest quality. These beds feature all the elements of the classic apartment – if you do not want to rent an apartment “the traditional way” by signing a lengthy contract, then you can easily opt for a serviced apartment hotel where there are absolutely no restrictions in terms of the length of your stay.

These apartments contain all the “bare essentials” that we need these days, ranging all the way from cable TV, dish washer, washing machine, burners, freezers, wardrobes, a fridge and all the luxurious furnishings that you would otherwise expect in a regular apartment. Besides this, if you are a regular resident then you might also benefit from free additional services: you are allowed to bring your pet to live with you, without having to worry about any extra costs.

A Deeper Insight Into The Most Notable Benefits Of Booking A Regular Serviced Apartment In A Hotel

The first and by far most important benefit of booking a serviced apartment is that you can save up to a third of the money you would spend on a regular hotel room – not to mention that classic hotel rooms as we know them very rarely offer the same degree of comfort and flexibility as the serviced apartments. Besides this, you do not need to worry about the traditional in house services that would add to your final bill at the hotel – by booking a serviced apartment, you will receive all the equipment and utensils you need to cook your own dinner, thus saving a lot on food and other similar expenses. This aspect is considerably more important for those who plan to live in the same place for several months, as opposed to those who only want to briefly rent a serviced apartment hotel for a couple of days or weeks.

In addition to the affordability of serviced apartments, you will also benefit from a hassle-free, flexible and luxurious space to live in – there is absolutely no restriction that apply when it comes to the length of your stay, and serviced apartments are generously spaced, thus allowing you to make the best of your time here. Moreover, you can quickly and effortlessly book your very own serviced apartment within a hotel with several clicks of a mouse, as you can book it online, safely and securely – the website uses advanced encryption software to protect the personal data of al customers, and all your details are processed in the strictest confidence.

Serviced apartments are also a great choice for multiple residents – as opposed to other hotels where each resident is charged individually, this is not the case with serviced apartments. For instance, if you opt for an apartment with two bedrooms, then the home can be inhabited either by two or by four people, which means that you can save even more money in the end, by splitting the bill. These apartments are designed with the safety and the privacy of the client in mind: the reception is open non-stop and all the buildings are safely guarded. The serviced apartment hotels have gated entrances, videophone entrance facilities as well as key card from doors, therefore they are the perfect choice for discrete customers who are in search of privacy.

Moreover, when booking a serviced apartment you can opt for added features – you can opt for an additional bed if you plan to have guests or, as mentioned above, you can bring your own pet in, with no added costs. You decide how much time you will be spending in these apartments, and no matter if you will only be sleeping there for one night or you will be spending as much as 6 or 12 months, you will always benefit from the same services and facilities of the highest quality.

Serviced apartments come with yet another benefit – linen and maid service. If you are not fond of the “cleaning day”, then a maid will happily help you keep your apartment tidy and clean, while replacing all the towels and the fresh bed linens twice a week, thus helping you save a lot of time and headaches.

The bottom line is that serviced apartments are designed to be more than just a place where guests can sleep or rest – they are specifically created to be a place where people can actually live and enjoy the time they spend here. Today’s businesspeople and travelers deserve the best, regardless of the period of time they plan to spend in a serviced apartment hotel!

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