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Things to Consider When Choosing Serviced Apartments in Malaysia

When relocating overseas, a service apartment provides the most comfortable and attractive choice of accommodation for traveling business people. Be it for short term or long term, these accommodations offer the best stay. The average serviced apartmentswill cost you the same price as a hotel on a nightly basis. However, for a long term stay of over 28 nights, you will be able to save about 30 percent on the overall costs of stay.

Why a serviced apartment?

A serviced residence provides greater privacy, ample space, and enhanced comfort and flexibility. You cook, conduct meetings, and live just like in your own home with adequate furnishings and things provided. It is more commodious as compared to hotels. But, when choosing a serviced apartment for stay, there are some things that you need to consider. They are:
  • Amenities - To be comfortable in the space, check for the basic amenities that you will require every day like a well-equipped kitchen, a laundromat, washrooms, and so on. This is essential for your long stay.
  • Get familiarized with supermarkets around and locally - Business travelers can cook food that they like at the comfort of their service apartment. The kitchen facilities are given here to do so. Microwaves, electric hobs, and ovens are all available, and so cooking a meal is fun. Moreover, some bucks are saved along with total hygiene and liking. The only thing is you need to stock up local produce and so familiarize yourself with neighborhood markets.
  • Size of the apartment - The size should be adequate to accommodate you and also the people accompanying you comfortably. If you are a single traveler, a small one with sufficient amenities should be adequate while a large one, if a few more are present.
  • Select accommodation that is not far from public transport - A serviced apartment with parking facilities may not be feasible as they may charge additional for the same. If there's no parking amenity, then you may need a parking spot that is off the road of your apartment, and you may have to pay as well. So, it's best to choose a service apartment that is in close proximity to local train and bus stations.
  • For disabled travelers - It is essential to do your research on whether the serviced apartment accommodates disable travelers. It could be you or your friend accompanying you. Lift accessibility and wheelchair facilities, along with adjustable cabinets and worktops, may be needed. Look for them with your apartment provider.
  • If your family accompanies you - These apartments are flexible generally when accompanying your family. Free Wi-Fi, TV, and other facilities to keep kids occupied may become essential in such cases. With family around, it is cost-efficient to get a serviced apartment as you may want to eat often. With fussy/picky eaters, you may need to make them eat according to their tastes and often. Additional cots may be requested. To ensure these facilities are available.
  • Costs - Always look for a serviced apartment that suits your requirements, and that fits your budget too. With a serviced apartment, you have the flexibility to cook your meal and minimize certain expenses. This way, it makes it cost-efficient.

Top serviced apartments and service residences

Leading companies provide the best service residences and apartments that are suitably equipped and provided for their business travelers. Be it business travel or leisure travel, these serviced apartments shall make your stay a pleasant place. These serviced apartments are located conveniently in close proximity to primary centers like banking, shopping, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment. Their convenient location and warm apartment with hospitable staff shall make your stay to remember.

Their services primarily include:

Guest Services:

  • Reception and massage-24 hours
  • Meeting facilities
  • Intercity transfers
  • International dialing
  • Room service
  • Valet parking


  • Squash Court
  • Swimming pool- Jacuzzi included
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Kids playground


When you are heading for a business trip, get a serviced apartment as this gives you a home space away from your home. With a modern- kitchen equipped with amenities, comfortable furnishings, ample space, flexibility, valet parking, and others, your stay shall be pleasant here. They also offer facilities like a sauna, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, play areas for you and your family to get a luxury end. These apartments are secure, safe, and comfortable. By considering some of the factors as mentioned above, you shall be able to choose a serviced apartment more carefully to get the best out of them.
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