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Why Serviced Apartments are Ideal for Families

Planning for your next holiday means that you need to find suitable accommodation on your travels. To enjoy a perfect mini break you will need to be very careful about where you stay. There are many options available but without a doubt serviced apartments are ideal for families. The most important benefit that a serviced apartment provides to families is that it gives them more options in terms of rooms. Instead of having to spend a holiday stuck with the entire family in one room in a hotel, it makes more sense to choose serviced apartments.

The additional rooms that are provided will give a family more joy. Not only is everybody suitably accommodated in a serviced apartment but it also means enjoying a more comfortable time. Living in these apartments will make you feel like a true local and in addition you will also get the real experience of living away from home.

Most serviced apartments consist of multiple numbers of rooms including a living room and bedroom plus a nicely equipped kitchen. You can cook up your own meals instead of having to depend on hotel food. Here are some reasons why families will enjoy a better mini break in serviced apartments rather than in hotels or resorts.

More space

First of all, serviced apartments that are available in many shapes as well as sizes ensure that there is more space for the entire family to enjoy their holiday. One can choose between 1, 2 and even 3 bedroom serviced apartments. Furthermore, these apartments also have communal areas where the entire family can get together to enjoy themselves and relax. Whereas hotels confine you to a room serviced apartments give you more space for the entire family to live comfortably.

Cook your own meals

Secondly, when you choose a serviced apartment you get to cook your own meals. These apartments have well equipped kitchen where you can cook up your favorite meals. If your children are very fussy about what they eat or even if one or more members has an allergy problem you can cook meals to suit their individual needs. In fact, cooking your own meals also means that you get to save money, as you won’t have to spend a lot of money on restaurant foods.

More comfort

Hotel rooms are too sterile and clinical looking. They seldom give you a chance to live comfortably. Serviced apartments on the other hand remind you of home living. Many of them are equipped with wall hangings and cushions as well as various accessories – all of which give you a more homely feeling. The more you and your family feel at home the more enjoyable your holiday will turn out to be.

Enjoy a familiar feeling away from home

Serviced apartments come with kitchens and separate bedrooms as well as a living room. All this allows you to follow your normal home routine in a place away from home. You can wake up at the same time that you used to wake up at home and have your meals at the same times that you had them at home. Following your normal routine will help you settle in an unfamiliar place.

Enjoy the same hotel stay benefits

Once you are comfortably accommodated in a serviced apartment you will get to enjoy the same hotel stay benefits without having to pay an arm and a leg. There are also some serviced apartments that have a reception area manned by a professional staff that will answer all your questions. In addition, you get to enjoy maid services as well as linen services – much as you would when staying in a hotel.

Centrally located

Most serviced apartments are very centrally located. One of the reasons why families do not go on a city break is because they are not able to find the right accommodation in a central location. Contrary to popular belief it is not just hotels and B&Bs that are located centrally. There are also many serviced apartments that are centrally located. Staying at such apartments means that you get to explore and do sightseeing without needing to commute too far.

Cost beneficial option

If you have a very large family then one of the things that is going to prevent you from enjoying a family holiday is that the costs involved in staying at hotels is quite high. Serviced apartments are the best option for such families because they only charge you per night. So, it is up to you to choose how long you want to stay and the charges are also much more reasonable as compared to living in a hotel or resort.

More places to relax

Hotel rooms are often too cramped for a family to enjoy themselves. It is also hard for a family to relax in a hotel room when everyone is crammed up in a single room. Being cramped for space will ruin all the fun. Serviced apartments offer a better solution as they offer separate bedrooms as well as living spaces where everybody can relax and unwind without stepping on each other’s toes. Also, they offer more privacy for the children.

More entertainment amenities

Although you may not be thinking about doing much more than taking in the sights and sound of a new city, there is only so much sightseeing that you can do. When you want entertainment in a hotel room all that you get is a television set. Serviced apartments are a better option because they offer more entertainment amenities including television, DVD players and stereo as well as broadband – all of which allows you to entertain yourself and your family in more ways than if you were staying in a hotel room.

The bottom line is that serviced apartments are ideal for families because they offer all the benefits of staying away from home while enjoying the same comforts that you normally enjoy at home. So, if you and your family want to enjoy the perfect city break then be sure to stay at a serviced apartment. You get to enjoy more privacy, and there is less frequent housekeeping to bother you. Best of all, serviced apartments are designed to cater to the needs of families and so every member of the family gets to enjoy their own privacy as well as space while at the same time also getting an opportunity to hang out together.

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