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Benefits of Staying in a Serviced Residences in Kuala Lumpur

Serviced residences give the options of more rooms, rather than being stuck in just a single room. More rooms can make you enjoy a homey and comfortable feeling. These serviced apartments let you feel like a local and get an authentic experience of living in the city. Generally, serviced apartments usually consists of a living room, bedroom and well equipped kitchen; granting you the autonomy to cook for yourself. If you travel alone with limited financial means, this is an exceptional way to significantly save money. In fact, this is also an essential facility for medical tourists, people with health concerns and stringent dietary requirements, or even for families who travel with kids. Here are the benefits of serviced apartments, they include:

Serviced Residences are Cost Effective

Staying in a serviced residences when travelling to Kuala Lumpur typically involve fewer extra charges and are relatively cheaper compared to hotels for a number of reasons. Serviced apartments in Kuala Lumpur feature either a kitchenette or a kitchen; significantly cutting costs on restaurant and room service bills. Most hotels charge for Internet at an additional cost, but serviced apartments provide it free of charge.

Serviced Residence Offers More Space

Serviced residences are, on average larger than hotel rooms. It is what you get within that space that has significantly increased the overall demand for serviced apartments. The serviced apartments have completely equipped kitchen facilities and a living area; providing separate areas for cooking, sleeping and unwinding just like at home

Serviced Residence Has More Flexibility

The fully outfitted kitchen facilities at the serviced residences means you can cook anything you feel like eating at any time, from a three course meal to a midnight snack; or you can even dine out at the close by restaurants whenever you like, just like you would at home.

You can eventually notice that the entertaining guests with a larger space become far easier and less abrupt; meaning you can hold meetings with your clients in living room, as well as working at the serviced apartment. As a matter of fact, you could even invite your friends over for the night; many of the serviced apartments have sofa beds.

Serviced Residence Has More Privacy

Most serviced residences usually offer maid service two-three times a week, enough to make sure that your serviced apartment stays markedly clean. Some offer a 24-hour porter services to make sure you are safe and well provided for at all times during your stay, however few enough that you won't have your privacy interrupted. You are able to organize your serviced apartment into separate areas for work and sleep with the peace of mind of not being disturbed.

Serviced Residence Requires Less Frequent Housekeeping

Most of the hotels will have housekeepers showing up to your room on a daily basis, sometimes even several times in a day to carry out the cleaning and even turning down your bed in the evening; this can in fact be frustrating. You won't wish to risk leaving valuable things lying around because they may think it is trash when actually it's not, like the expensive receipts or paperwork. In serviced residences, housekeeping is usually conducted few days in a week, which in a general view is plenty enough. Nevertheless, in case you need the housekeepers in between visits to come and carry out cleaning or replacements, they will definitely be available for you.

Serviced Residence Extremely Suitable for Group or Family Travel

The serviced residences are uniquely designed with enough bedrooms and bathrooms which branch off from the main central living area. This can suitably work for couples who travel with another couple, or with their kids. Everyone will have his/her own privacy and space, although you can still hang out together in the common lounge room.

Serviced Residence Provides Extra DIY Laundry Services

The laundry services offered in hotel accommodations are generally expensive. However, serviced residences often have washing machines and dryers for DIY laundry; meaning that you can easily wash your clothes for free, the most cost effective solution possible.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the serviced residences based on size. For a solo traveler, a studio serviced apartment can meet your needs; a single room with a living area, bedding, and kitchenette. But if you are traveling with your family, you can choose a 2 or 3 bedroom serviced apartment that has separate living room and a full functioning kitchen.

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