Expatriate Accommodations | Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur

Expatriate Accommodations | Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur

Living in Kuala Lumpur has its ups and downs, after all we are settling in the center of Southeast Asian “tiger state”. Hence, we wish to provide clear insights on health issues, hotels and apartments, or exploring the city.

The rapid bloom of Kuala Lumpur has attracted plentiful of immigrants let it be Malaysians or friends from neighboring regions. Up to date, the city that was once dominated by Chinese miners is now replaced by a diverse group of inhabitants.

Nowhere is the rapid pace of Malaysia’s development as obvious as in Kuala Lumpur. The booming city on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia belies its origins as a humble mining town. Today, nobody would believe that in the 1850s, the city’s only inhabitants were some Chinese laborers.

Kuala Lumpur is seen by different eyes and defined by different names depending on the experience they had with the city. Being the city that carries multiple races, religions and traditions, you get different flavors in the development of the city. Architectures around the metropolitan city boasts different design languages; also we get iconic post modern architectures such as our famous Petronas Twin Tower dominating the skyline. Living in Kuala Lumpur also means living under influences from different religions, like Islam, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and other minorities in the city.

Apart from the familiar local faces, you should not be surprised bumping into foreign residents during your visit. In recent development, the city demanded a higher human resource, hence the increase in employment opportunities. Kuala Lumpur has been famous in attracting low-skilled labors from our neighbors (Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc.). And also lets not forget the investments from Multinational Companies, importing foreign talents that are highly qualified in running the company on the other spectrum.

There will always be the never ending stories as far safety and crimes are associated with expatriates. There are numerous reports of snatch thefts, pick pockets, vehicle thefts and scmas going around the city, high suspected to have associations with foreign workers. In a comparion among Asian countries we are fairly safe for a living if we consider that we are still a socially conservative country to begin with.

Keep an extent of alert while roaming around the alleys in Kuala Lumpur and you shall be fine. The Maple Suite Residence has eyes all around the premise and ensures maximum security for our residence.

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